South LA is and will continue be a home for working class people of color, a center for Black culture, a haven for documented and undocumented immigrants, and innovation into finding permanent housing for the homeless.  A place where people matter more than dollars.  The policy solutions below represent areas of work that attempt to address the crisis forcing poor people and people of color out of their homes and into the streets or entire communities out of South LA due to failed public policies and structural racism. By supporting these community-driven solutions to displacement and homelessness, South LA can be a beacon to show that poor and working class people of color have a future in LA.



  1. Prevent Displacement of Residents and Ensure Housing Security
  2. End Housing Discrimination
  3. Honor Community Control over Neighborhood Development
  4. Increase the Affordable Housing Stock
  5. Ensure South Los Angeles Neighborhoods Receive their Fair Equitable Share of Basic County and City Services

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