We believe in building a South LA where all residents have access to housing, jobs, careers, business opportunities, safe neighborhoods, and low-cost transportation. The policy solutions below represent areas of work that attempt to increase financial security and build a human safety net that would allow South LA residents to have a basic level of health, well-being, and an opportunity to not just survive but thrive. They reflect policies and the infrastructure needed to ensure individual and community wellness that ties to financial security. They seek to erase all disparities in health outcomes which arise from structural racism and the dehumanization of the poor as reflected in current public policies that deny people a chance to make a living and neighborhoods to develop thriving economies.



  1. Promote People-Centered Economic Development and Anti-Displacement Strategies to Maintain Them
  2. End Job Discrimination and Barriers to Careers due to Criminal Record Histories
  3. Increase Worker Civil Rights Protections Against Exclusionary Practices that Reduce Black  Workers’ Access to and Retention of Employment
  4. End Health Disparities due to Poverty
  5. Ensure Poor and Working Class People Can Afford to Get To and From Work and to Use Streets Safely


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