We envision living in neighborhoods that are safe, and people are free from state violence. Public safety emerges from positive neighborhood conditions and the dismantling of the culture of police abuse against South LA residents. We want an alternative to the economy of violence and to walk in freedom without being racially profiled or criminalized for being poor people of color or gender non-conforming.  The policy solutions in this section combat the many ways that South LA residents face immediate and ongoing threats to their life, freedom, and well-being, due to racism in law enforcement, court systems, and repressive public policies that were the root causes of the 1992 LA Uprising and which persist today.


  1. Reduce Policing and Jails and Make Police Departments Accountable to the Public.
  2. End the Criminalization of Poverty and Racial Discrimination in the Justice System.
  3. Use Public Tax Money to Support Community-Based Crime Prevention.
  4. End the School to Prison Pipeline and Stop the Militarization of Schools.
  5. Protect Immigrants and All Residents from Harm, Criminalization, and Deportation.

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