We believe that children have the right to clean air, land, and water, and safe streets where they can play, grow and thrive. We believe that families have the right to raise their children in homes free from environmental health hazards and in neighborhoods free of toxins and pollution. We believe families have the right to parks and green space and to local, healthy food. We are determined to end environmental racism – the disproportionate impact of environmental burdens and glaring, lack of environmental benefits on people of color – a root cause of health disparities and social unrest in South LA. Furthermore, communities that are poor and communities of color have a fundamental right to participate in all decision-making structures that shape the physical environment in which they live. The policy solutions below outline how we can achieve this goal and end environmental racism.


  1. Ensure Poor and Working Class Communities are protected by California’s air quality and   climate policies
  2. Require Public Agency Action to Protect Residents from Disproportionate Exposure to Pollution
  3. End the Disparities in Access to Parks, Green Space, and Community Gardens
  4. Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

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